A Breakthrough in My Life


I wrestle in my dark world,
I look for light, but all is darkness
I feel entrapped within
Groping along like one who is blind
No one stirs, no voices heard, and
No food for my hungry soul.
Will light ever shine in this dark world of mine?

Suddenly, one day my world is illuminated.
Someone flickers a light in my dark world.
I am not really alone,
Others are groping, and wandering as I am,
In search of inner peace, love and happiness
Spiritual gifts I yearn for night and day
To satisfy my longing soul.

I now move decisively through my world.
A world of cheerful voices, smiling faces,
Happy and high-spirited souls
A world full of life and light
I join my friends in this world of hope
Of promise, assurance and contentment
In search of spiritual food for my longing soul

Aha, what do I see here?
Literature of spiritual food engulfs me.
I share with my friends in my new haven,
We read, sing, shout, dance, and clap together
My new found life has brought me
Joy, peace, happiness and contentment
These can be yours too my friend,
If you join me in my new world.


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