A Goldfish Experience


What beauty! How gorgeous and happy I was!
Frolicking in my aquarium world
Gliding side by side; darting here and there,
Anxiously waiting for
Colorful flakes to glisten,
flutter and filter beneath the surface.
Swifter than a wink,
A tiny bag of water held me captive
and scurried me away from my aquarium world.
Tossed from side to side, jolted,
Jostled! No others respond,
Alone? My friends are missing.
In the distance specks flicker, sparkle,
Signaling life, aquarium life,
Fishy friends abound, alas!
Excitedly I dart through a new aquarium world.
A world of spiky green, streaming bubbles,
Beautiful quaint rocks and exotic shells
I huddled with my new found friends,
scouring and hunting, menacingly.
Eagerly waiting for more colorful flakes. 

Wow! The atmosphere erupts.
Tiny, colorful, tempting flakes hover over us.
We feast. Gliding side by side,
Hither and thither, and up and down.
Frantically, joyfully, swiftly, happily,
radiating variegated hues and tints.
Joy, tranquility, and happiness, are mine again,
Emanating from my new Aquarium World.

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