A Monkey’s Inquisition


Here I am, a monkey, sitting on a window sill,
The curtains are drawn, I can’t see the inside.
I’m peering through the window pane
as I shift myself from side to side.
Seconds turn to minutes, I’m still sitting there,
I’m changing my position, I reach up to a higher pane,
The curtains are still drawn, so nothing I can see – again,
Do you think I’m inquisitive?  I think I’m not!
You see, I’m just looking at my reflection in the window pane.
Suddenly there is a rustle beside me –
I look, I ask!
Someone’s taking my picture to prove my inquisition?
That’s not the truth! – no way! –
I’m gone!

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This poem is very funny. It made me laugh.                                                                                                                                   –  Orville Harding  10/8/08

This poem is very funny. It gives a vivid description of the monkey and his actions. Seems to me as if he was up to some type of mischief but was caught in the nick of time.                                                                                                                                                                                  – Stacia Hinds   12/16/08

Nice! Different but still nice.                                    – Jason A. Phillips  12/23/08

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