A Tribute to a Mother and Friend


There was a time
When I could not appreciate the beauty of this world,
The glowing sun and the warmth that it gives,
The blooming flowers and the fragrance it shares,
The soft rain, like teardrops from the sky.

There was a time
When the world was so blue,
When the river seemed fierce and mountains high,
When paths seemed so criss-crossed
That I didn’t know where to go.

Then came a time
Which brought you to me,
And you showed me the way to follow.
You taught me the ways to love,
To look upward and go forward.

Yes! You showed me the beauty of this world
And I’ve seen the hidden beauty of green leaves,
The golden fields and the humming of birds.
I have learned to love everyday that comes
To foresee every tomorrow that will come.

Sometimes I spend my day thinking of you,
How am I going to make it without you
I ask myself if a hundred miles could keep us apart,
But no! I could not,
For you will always be here with me.

For the memories of those times we’ve shared,
All the laughter and joy,
Not to forget all the tears and pain too,
They make my heart grow fonder
Each time I think of you.

And so I write this poem,
To thank you for being a mother and a friend to me,
To tell you how much you mean to me,
How much I care,
And show you how much I LOVE YOU!

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