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All That Matters


All that maters in spite of the scar in my heart
Is the song of love drowning all the cries
Of betrayal told by folks
All that matters in spite of the pain I once knew
Is my desire to be caught in an intense flame
Ignited by a free flow of love
All that matters in spite of tales told of episodes gone sour
Is my desire to swim in the ocean
Regardless of stingrays
All that matters in spite of the uncertainties in the world
Is my desire to walk the aisle with you
And hear the priest make the pronouncement
All that maters in spite of the talk of me going gaga
Is the dream of a time
When love from our hearts shall rule our world leaving it happier

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Nice poem with a language that is so easily understood. All that matters really is love.... the kind of unconditional love we are not used to.... what can we do to propogate this kind of love is the question.                                                                                                                                             - Ken Arinze   5/23/07

Itís a lovely poem. But this unconditional love rarely exists except by Godís grace or just imagination..WHY???                                                                                                                                                       - Princess Iyingi Green  12/22/08



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