Argumentative / Persuasive Essay

An Argumentative Essay, also called a Persuasive Essay, aims at stating and defending a position on some issue. It is built around a specific debatable statement which is supported in such a manner that the reader is convinced of its truth. The aim of an argumentative/persuasive essay is to persuade the reader to accept your point of view. Hence it is important that you are aware of both sides of the issue. Only if you know the other side, will you be able to give convincing arguments to win the reader to your side and to adopt your way of thinking.

Argumentative / Persuasive Essay

Keep the following points in mind when writing an argumentative essay:

  • Begin by giving the statement to be argued, making clear what your position is on the issue.
  • Follow by presenting your arguments, making sure to back up with data. This persuades your reader that your opinion is valid. The data may be facts; statistics; testimony of others through personal interviews and questionnaires, or through articles and books; and examples.
  • Keep your tone reasonable, professional, and trustworthy.
  • Make sure not to make any errors in reasoning or include fallacies. These will only antagonize the reader.
  • Do not write in the first person. It will only weaken your argument.
  • Present your arguments in a way that the reader sees that you are aware of both sides of the argument.
  • Conclude by summarizing the most important details of the argument and stating once again what the reader is to believe or do.

A successful argumentative essay is one which has succeeded in convincing the reader of its truth.

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