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At the Break of Dawn


Have you ever experienced the serenity of early morn?
Listened to the whistling of the grasshoppers,
The chirping of the birds in the trees
The crowing of the cocks and the barking of dogs
The occasional mooing of the cow in the nearby field?
These are some of the sounds I hear at early morn.

Have you ever experienced, the clanging noises of the garbage truck
As the workers perform their tasks?
The beaming headlight approaching, blinding your vision as you walk
The humming of an engine or the tooting of the horn of bus or car
Reminding you to keep to one side
Other walkers and joggers uttering a hearty ‘Good morning’
As they pass you on your way?

Have you ever experienced the sights at early morn?
Looked into the dark starry sky and wondered
Where is the light to guide your path?
Looked at the white clouds in the distance
That seem to form images in the sky,
The beauty of the flying insects
As they hover around the bright street lights.
The ugly sights of stray cats in the strewn garbage in the streets.
These sights I see, when I walk at early morn.

Have you ever experienced
the cool breezes across your face at early morn
The drizzles of rain that suddenly greet you and then disappear
The coolness of the dew that fell overnight.?
See the dewdrops on the blades of grass glistening in the light?
Walking briskly every morning,
I stop, occasionally filling my lungs with clean fresh air
And embrace the dewy morn

Have you ever experienced
The joy of walking and jogging at early morn?
The chatter, the laughter, the friendship, the warmth
Of companions on the same journey?
An eerie feeling as you approach the non lit area ahead
Of overhanging trees forming arches along the way
And no light to guide your path?
A voice from above saying “I am with you”
And the street light in the distance that also seem to say..
Keep walking there is light ahead to guide you on your

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You have brought a new flare to my world of poetry. This is a beautiful artistry.

Orville Harding  11/7/08

Very well written, and I go to the gym on mornings and those are some of the things I experience as well, never thought of putting it in a poem. Keep up the good work.                                                                                                                                                                           - Deidre Mayers  11/18/08

An excellent description of the communication between one and the different aspects of nature. I felt like I was there!!!                                                                                                                          -  Kathy-Ann St. Hill   11/19/08

This is an excellent poem, one to be treasured.                                                                                                                         -  Dorothy Clarke  11/21/08

A zen like feeling came over me as I read these words of yours. Without having to read it again, I was transported to experience the actual spiritual walk. This poem has layers like an onion, each of us will peel of as much as we need/can.

Don-O’Brian Layne  12/11/08

Mrs. Branch, I did not know that you were so perceptive. You are really enjoying the beauty of life. To answer your questions, yes I have done all of those things.

-  Jason A. Phillips   12/23/08

An inspiring creative work, hope it will inspire others to enjoy God's creation and the tranquility of the Barbadian environment. The author's creative imagination seems to be blossoming with every poetic work. Another inspiring effort.

S. McD. Evelyn 12/29/08

"BEAUTIFUL", simply beautiful.                                   - Gemel Callender  2/26/09


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