when i came, i don’t know
how i came, i don’t know
the reason that i came–
is one thing that i know!
upon the day i was banished
eating the forbiden fruit
caused this inconvenient punishment.
i regret, i long… why i did… why i did…
something which the devil was pleased with.
anyway, it happened and changed everyone’s fate!
fate, i say, because we could all live
in a place where angels freely live
nowadays, after many years
if you do not sin, do not commit
after death when you leave this mortal world
you would go, you would live
in the place where angels are free to live!

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Your poems are very very good…I hope you become a poet.                                                                             –  Anna 12/11/08

A beautifully written poem. At 14, Mahsa shows a lot of talent. Keep writing!

–  Samantha 12/12/08

A very thought provoking poem at age 15. Keep up the good work.

–  Yvonne Branch  4/25/09

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