I had come to the end of the days’ sales
My stocks had been taken and my safe locked
I was ready to take my leave
When I heard a loud bang on the door
And made a move in that direction
Who’s that I hollered
For I thought that monsters
Created by the society
Had come to pay me a visit
Hello barman, I need a strong drink
Sorry my dear, I have come to the end of my sales
Listen my dear, you can’t turn me back
For I am a big man in the government
Then go join your owambe parties
For you won’t have to pay a kobo there
Look my friend, I choose your bar
For I want a taste of reality
What has my bar got to do with reality?
Your drinks chill the pains of the poor
And I want to tell you a secret
A drink you said, a drink I’ll give
Barman share this with all your customers
I live in a mansion, drive luxury cars
Eat in the best restaurants
But walk with the fear of death over my shoulders
I made a promise when I got elected
But sold my conscience for a pot of beans
I saw a holy man dance naked at night
Gave his monthly allocation to the centre
For that’s the proof of loyalty
I jumped with my eyes opened
Into the pool of corruption
For the water was very inviting
Now I can’t go home though my time has come
For I waged war against my people
For they opposed my Party
I long to relive childhood memories
But my hands are soiled with innocent blood
Some dreams never come to be
Yet I wish for this
To remain with immunity
And loot some more
To party with young maidens
And bury the truth
To send my kids abroad for lunch
And die in power
This is my wish
Pass it on to all
Thanks for the drink

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