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Chemical Farming, indiscriminately using chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and other farming cures and supplements have increased agricultural productivity. The green, white and consequent revolutions have given food security. The high yielding varieties and new technologies were webbed with chemical farming. Even today critical gaps exist in technology recommended and technology used at the farmer’s field. In short, the past chemical farming resulted in soil degradation, water pollution, soil erosions and soil salinity. By now, India faces land degradation problems in 173 million hectares which is around 53% of cultivated land. Annually 5000 million tons of top soil is lost, with NPK losses of 5-8 million tons per year. To avoid these ill effects, strong information and communication methods have to be linked for soil mapping, annual rainfall data, rain and climatic forecasts with farming operations. Resource conservation & proper utilization needs adequate knowledge, which could be obtained through advanced satellite system and relayed back through communication mechanisms. Thus, in order to enhance agricultural production, communication links have to be incorporated in the near future.

In this paper, the author discusses the role of communication in enhancing agricultural production. Various factors like population growth, information and communication technology transfer, farming systems, and their management have been discussed. Though India has been taken as the example, the methods discussed in this paper can be applied to any country of the world.


The author of this paper is Dr. G. M. Wani. He has written and contributed more than 200 papers in research journals and conferences in the field of biotechnologies of small ruminants. To mention just one of them, his scholarly paper Multiple Management System can be found in the Encyclopedia of Dairy Sciences, published by Elsevier Academic Press, UK. Dr. Wani has worked in international institutes of repute, including the Veterinary University of Hanover, Germany; and the Veterinary Research Institute in India. He has a number of national and international awards to his credit, and his biography is included in many leading biographies. At present, Dr. Wani is Director of Extension Education at the University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, Srinagar, Kashmir, India.

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