Dooming Light Seems Darker


As resurgent India is moving towards a better stage nowadays, despite growing interest rates and inflation, we have to think deeply and give our small inputs to uplift our social and economical status.

Global economy itself is facing a huge problem. Banks are running short of money, airlines are cutting down their fleets as fuel price is going high, big companies are either declaring VRS or downsizing their strength, countries in afro-Asian border and adjoining states are facing severe poverty for years.

In that case, rather time, India, as a developing superpower, is also facing economic problems. Since long ago, we Indians have been dependent on agriculture. In fact today, too, agriculture is the first choice of employment for 70% of the nationals. But now the time has come. Being out of these 70% people, it is hard to assume something like that, but as the data shows or picture depicts (not drawn) this 70% belongs to the poorest section. Other than this, we have a bandwagon of billionaires. And see the difference – these billionaires are based on industry. Believe me, I am not advocating full proof industrialization, because what will we eat if we have no agriculture? Then we will only have to import it. But please, I am asking all of you to give stress on it, or to think about it secularly. We need agriculture, but it’s not what it’s all about. We also need huge industrialization for these 70% people. Nowadays agriculture has also received a boom across the world and now it is no longer a labor intensive industry as before since human intervention has become lower. Then if we are preventing industrialization, and at the same time people are loosing jobs from agriculture, what will they do… so again we have to think deeply, very deeply.

We need industrialization here. Now that the Government is unveiling development procedures for industrialization, we are thinking like primitive natives. How does the 30% become so affluent? See these agitations are not coming from this 70%, but from this 30%. I also belong to this 30% and whoever is reading this article also comes from this under 30%. But what we are doing is not for the betterment, instead it drags us again to medieval age.

So my beloved citizens; hear it, think it and grab it. World is inviting us to do good, feel good and to live well. And leaving aside all malpractice we are doing. So please, let’s work accordingly to develop industries. And last of all I want to draw your attention, my dear Indians or anyone else, the developed countries didn’t become rich and developed with only agriculture.

So it’s your turn now whether you want to see yourself as a developed one or stay like poor natives!

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