Drinking Water: Is it safe enough to drink?


I think that most people don’t care at all for the environment. Factories still dump their industrial waste in our waters. In depressed areas situated by a body of water, the residents throw their household garbage and other wastes there, too. Even some people going to the beach for vacation don’t know how to dispose of their trash properly. Maybe it’s indifference, but it could also be ignorance. Still, the fact remains that, at the rate we are going, the future of our waters is not good.

Our environment, especially our bodies of water, is getting more and more polluted. We should all pitch in and do our part to help reverse the effects of years of taking this natural resource for granted. I think the first step should be to educate people on the importance of our waters, its current state and what each person can do to help. Although there are already a number of agencies with programs geared towards this cause, I think there should be more because the problem is great, widespread and does not discriminate between rich and poor, industrialized and third world, etc. Every single person is affected; every person’s health is threatened. The second step is to take action. It took years for our waters to be this polluted, and it will take years to make them clean. But our collective effort will surely make the job easier and the results achieved sooner.

(This essay is an opinion on an article on water pollution that can be found at this address:  www.grinningplanet.com/2006/12-05/water-pollution-effects.htm)

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