Surreal moments of soulful musings
cast no shadows of dark times
intense misery and tearful skies
rains havoc on a peaceful life

A woebegone visage earns no love
but will the face of halcyon charm
Felicity begets lasting pleasures
foundations of sempiternal serenity

Morosity spawns evanescent dreams
eroding eternal happiness
which is not just a moiety in life
but is the meaning of life in itself

Belief that joy and sorrow are twins
that conflate to form meaningful life
is imbued and etched deep in minds
that we forget ’tis a matter of choice

the truth is so simple it stares us in the eye
every act, every thought has propinquity
to either despair or ineffable exuberation
and so a man lives serenely if he chose wisely

Choosing a path of living in joy
than walking in the shadow of gloom
A path where sadness fears to trespass
unlike the path where it celebrates conquer

Each man should have a revelation
the quintessential truth behind happiness
The panacea of grief can only be joy
whilst pure bliss will never need a cure…

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EXCELLENT……it is the essence of an Epiphany! 🙂

–  Patrick Mahoney  1/19/10


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