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Explanatory /  Expository Essay

An Explanatory Essay, also called an Expository Essay, presents other peopleís views, or reports an event or a situation. It conveys another personís information in detail and explains what is difficult to understand. Without giving any criticism or argument, the writer of the essay elucidates the subject by analyzing it. 

A good explanatory/expository essay consists of the following:

  • The introductory paragraph clearly states what is to be analyzed or explained.
  • Each subsequent paragraph has a distinct supporting topic.
  • Each of the sentences of the paragraph relates directly to the topic.
  • All the paragraphs are sequenced properly and make smooth transition from one topic to another.
  • Precise and accurate words are used to convey the message.
  • The concluding paragraph reinforces the position in a meaningful way.

If you are writing an explanatory/expository essay, keep these points in mind. Write clearly and effectively. Make sure your readers understand your analysis and know how you have arrived at your conclusions.

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