BY DIANE –  Age 9

Freedom is a beautiful word,
You’re as free as a bird.
But along with it comes responsibility,
Which is a pity,
Because we don’t understand,
That both go hand in hand.
And then we go wild
Become smaller than a small child.

If we learn
With the freedom we earn,
Life would be a song,
And we will all get along.
But if we don’t,
Then the world is doomed.

Its time to wake up
Join hands and take up
Freedom’s responsibility
To see smiles on everyone’s faces.

Review or comment on Freedom


A mature poem for a nine year old. The thought, poetic intensity, and the choice of words are well blended. Keep writing! Good Luck!                                                                                                                                     –   Vishakha   2/26/06

The child shows talent. Keep writing.                                          –   Kim    5/2/06

I think this poem is a good poem. This can be beneficial to all those who don’t believe in Freedom.                                                                                                                                                                              –  Chanel Weaver  11/9/06

Amazing poem for a 9 year old.                           –  Deepak Yeshwanth   10/10/07

I like this poem…..                                                        –   Swapna Jha 7/28/08

For a 9 year old, this poem is just great. Keep up the good work.

–  Yvonne Branch  9/18/08

Very well written……keep writing.                                             –  Dee  11/18/08

Excellent poem.                                                                        –  Beth 2/3/10

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