As in love, in front of the disproportionate adoration, there is also the disproportionate hatred. And there is nothing better than war to illustrate this disproportionate hatred.

Often in life, we see Yesterday’s victim become today’s executioner. This change in role is almost the rule. We find it everywhere.

In the same way, we see a lot of sexually abused victims, to re-do, with pleasure, to others what they themselves had painfully undergone in their childhood. It is this same phenomenon that makes an oppressed people become an oppressor.

This is the subtle dictatorial system reproduction phenomenon. The Victims of yesterday‘s dictators, themselves become today’s dictators. He, who tortures, makes his soul undergo, by this very act of torturing others, a painful mutation! To torture someone, turns out to make out of him, inexorably, a future torturer. The session of torture becomes somehow a session of initiation to torture.

Torture has its logic. It can become this pitiless machine that grinds you inexorably from the interior. Peoples identify to their armies. Peoples combat through their armies. An army that is not supported by its population does not win any war. The commitment or the disengagement of populations towards their armies, determines their success or defeat. And populations definitely abandon their armies when they see that the war they lead is amoral.

As for love, hatred can also unify peoples. Hatred can be personified. This creates “The squadrons of death” and “The exterminator angels” who can see only horror in beauty, or what is worse, beauty in horror.

This seems to be the fate of this century.

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