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ICT and its Social Empowerment Role

ICT: Scripting New Role for Social Empowerment in India



Today, it is paradoxical to say that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is only associated with the markets and capital-intensive methods of production of Developed Countries, and that it has no relevance for a country where many millions still lack basic necessities of life. For this reason a number of efforts are underway in India and other developing countries to provide the concrete benefits of ICT for rural population.

ICT is playing a very important role in achieving greater economic gains. Development through ICT services at grass-root level doesn’t mean only increased rural market based economic activity. It also includes improvements in the capabilities of the population, such as education, health and nutrition, family welfare etc. ICT services are also educating and mobilizing rural populace to actively participate in democratic decision making process.

This paper briefly analyzes various initiatives taking place at grass-root level in different rural areas of India providing access to rural have-nots to new Information and Communication Technology based services. A broad range of services are provided to a large cross-section of rural masses through a number of low cost, self-sustained, community owned ICT projects.


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