“A man in need is a slave indeed.”

Every month, hundreds of poor people are chased outside their country of origin by poverty. They risk their lives to reach richer countries in their hopeless search for survival. We call them “Boat People” or “illegal immigrants”.

Most “Boat People” are the product of the lack of JMP in their homeland. So they commit the imprudence of leaving their homeland to one which is culturally different from theirs, and thus experience being different in the context of the host society.

In the present troubled times, to be a foreigner, in most countries, is often seen with suspicion and disdain, and sometimes associated with racial hatred and exclusion. Consequently, this stranger, being culturally different in the host society, ignoring its language and social codes, feels completely lonesome. Moreover, for lack of communication, this stranger is seen as disruptive and disturbing. Then misunderstanding settles down with its corollary that is violence and intolerance.

This situation creates in the host societies, an unconscious and unseen social behavior which isolates, sometimes humiliates, traumatizes, and depreciates these undesired “immigrants” living on their territories. Through time, this behavior becomes a shaping process of these humans, some of which later rebel against this same society. Unwillingly, these countries manufacture human bombs that later explode at their faces.

Social behavior is a responsible behavior and a producer of human reaction. Thus, we are bound to manufacture the type of reaction that we will have in five, six, or ten years from these people or their offspring, whether we want it or not.

Most people totally ignore that human reaction is a provoked product and in this context the different forms of racial exclusion and iniquities are a human product, a product of the society. And these are the dynamics underlying any fringe of the population’s development in any place of the world.

“Boat People” are the head-side of lack of “JMP” in most parts of the world. If we do not want to have “Boat People”, there should  be “JSP” in their homeland. But if this “S” in the JSP cannot be fulfilled, then it must be changed by “M” and instead of “JSP” we will have “JMP”.

In the past, in troubled regions, in order to achieve peace, we used to say “Justice Should Prevail”. But this “should” can hardly be heard today. So “Must” might be holding stronger range of decibels and therefore could be made more audible. So, in order to avoid “illegal immigrants”, somewhere ,somehow

Justice Must Prevail

Otherwise, most of our societies, later or sooner, will have a genuine product of their own creation that will put to hard test their intelligence and their quietude.

Of course nobody wishes that! But remember, only if there is “JMP” somewhere and everywhere.

Just this: JMP.

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Well said. JMP must prevail in society. When there is JMP, then the ‘boat people’ would also be history. It is a good piece and one that MIGHTILY appeals to my heart.                                                                                                                                                 Savaira Kawish   8/27/07

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