Land – Their Emotion


India has been progressing rapidly since the last few years towards Globalization, trying to cope up with the western countries in economy, culture and cuisine. The top leaders of India have had at least one trip abroad to build up a smart relationship with their Government. Foreign dignitaries too come to India officially. All these things incur huge expenses. But the result is not as fruitful and as we had hoped. If a little part of these amounts is diversified or invested in the agricultural sector, we feel it will help India with great returns. 

The scope of employment is being increased and businesses are being developed. Indians are spread all over the world, whether it is in the job sector or higher studies or in the sphere of business. Most have permanently settled abroad after completing their studies and after getting a job there. Some of the Indian students have the mentality of going and getting established abroad after getting a better qualification and gather a lot of experience from India. They come to India, their motherland, like foreign tourists and are called NRI. There are no doubts about their intelligence. They are not merely intelligent but also geniuses in their respective fields. But I have a question/doubt in my mind – what/how will India gain from these geniuses? The answer to me is nothing but a big zero. Instead they are additional burden on India for whom we spend so much money in their hospitality. Yet we feel proud about them. But what about those
who provide food to all the Indians and yield agricultural products and make India self sufficient? We have no sympathy, no consideration and no positive thinking about them.

New factories are coming up in India. Thousands of crores of rupees have been invested. Large agricultural plots have been acquired/captured for building up factories. It does not matter to industrialists how many people are becoming detached from their traditional occupation, or whether agricultural production will be increased or decreased. It’s true that a large number of laborers are required to run these factories. But there is also a question – for how long will these factories run? Till demand ceases or model/technology upgrades? If they are closed what will workers do? They have already lost their ‘Zamias’ (land) and now lost their work also.
Just compare Pre-Independent India with Independent India so as to see what we have done for farmers? From the age of “Seminar” to the age of “Globalization” they have been sucked by the power mongers. In those days they lost their land and house due to “Khan”, and now they lose their land and house due to industrialization. Just think of that man who is 70 years old – how can he live through the rest of his life? Can he build up his new house? Look at the middle aged married farmer who has two children and one to born, and one young sister to marry. How can he take care of his family? The young boy who has just enters to learn about farming. Look at the little baby; his smile will be removed soon from the present smiley face. We can never excuse us if they are smashed in the pressure of globalization or industrialization

Farmers are like candles – they give light to all but burn themselves, with darkness in their own lives, like fathers of families – sacrificing their meals to give to other family members, but themselves remain hungry. What we are seeing is merely land. But if we try to see from a farmer’s point of view, it is not just land. They take care of land like their mother, its crop like a newly born baby, because land is in their blood and the smell of the land is their emotion.


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