I walked straight to your room today
On my return from the office
I felt your presence
Your cologne remained fresh
I longed to feel your touch
And hear the resonance of your voice
As you, sing those songs
Only you know.

Alas, I received a rude jolt
When our son asked if you were back
Tears dropped from my eyes
When the reality of your demise
Hit me like a bomb.

Oh! My knight in shinning armor
How lonely you made me
Why leave so sudden
With no goodbye

You left with your protective shield
Now am exposed to a world of pain
As wolves come in search of your sheep
Leaving me a broken heart

Please if you can make it back for a minute
Come wipe the tears off my eyes
And restore my confidence once more
Bring back the shine into my life
And watch me glow
Rekindle the joy we shared
And watch me sleep In your arm
As I dream of a world
Of never-ending time with you.

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Nice work.                                                                         – Nathan   3/20/10


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