Looking Ahead


The great men and women of today have come only from a dream.  They’ve just kept on dreaming and dreaming until they finally achieved their goal. It’s a process of dreaming, goal setting, and achieving.

We admire the past great men and women of accomplishments. Who would forget the name Thomas Alva Edison who was the major contributor in the development of the electric lamp? Ever since his work, the world has enjoyed the blessing of light. But behind the scene prior to his discovery of the right filament, his perseverance was noted as inexhaustible through his patient and conscientious experiments trying hundreds of materials.

In all honesty, we can never be like him.  Yet his life poses a challenging model to us. We started to formulate our dreams in our minds to become men and women of success someday.  We set our goals to achieve that great dream.

How we wish to see ourselves ten years from now, with peals of laughter and merrily recounting our heroic exploits! How we wish to have become better persons with better lives as well. How we wish to make the most out of this life and share it with others.

After all, not all stories end up happily ever after.  Therefore, we must seek the guidance and help of God that we may be able to walk onto the path of our chosen career in accordance to His perfect will.  In doing so, I believe that we will be able to achieve every goal we have set before us.

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The writing of R.S.E. Jara is such a good composition. This author really gives sense to what he wants to point out.                                                                                                                               Martin Rivera – 9/19/05

A brilliant piece of work. Honest and inspiring – a privilege to read!

Cyrilla Jara – 9/28/05


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