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Men have always sung about love, because to humans, it remains an inaccessible and eternal thing.

Love is a perpetual quest.

But, there is an inherent strange aspect in love: Love is a self-destructive phenomenon.

The problem with love is that it is also enslavement! Enslavement folded in pleasure, which makes of it a paradox.

Love, this terrible passion, is unreal. The sentiments that follow love are usually indifference, detachment, and in the end, nothing really lasts, neither love nor friendship nor human relationship.

There is a pretty good definition of love: Love is a self-destruction process in search of a perfection that can never be reached.

Love is inaccessible and versatile. We just find it to watch it fade away. Great love, adoration is an intrinsic peculiarity of the human nature. The problem is not in this sentiment of love and extreme submission, but in the choice of the object to be adored.

To adore something, is to accept to be its slave. Then, the problem that occurs is the following: to choose to be the slave of whom, of what? The less we can say is that it is not advised to adore your executioner!

But this may happen. In the love process, each one wants to be loved exclusively. And lovers are found always trapped by their love. By loving each other, they become captives of their own love. They love a third thing: They love their Love.

And hopeless love seems to be the supreme form of Love. Great love is often a furtive moment in the eternal eternity.

People love to love. And in the quest of its exclusive appropriation, we deny it even to God. We no longer say: For the Love of God or for God’s sake.

Everywhere where we have denied this Love of God, we have found ourselves, by a strange phenomenon, submitted to subcontractors, who are the leaders, the parties, the organizations, fetishes, images and objects of our own creation.

Everywhere where we have “killed” the Divine Love, we have shouted: “the Divine Love is dead, long life to the divine Love” that is to say, the love of he, who came to usurp his place, the leader, the strong man of the moment.

Who said that the Pharaoh is dead?

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I just read your article on Love as you suggested. It is good but I personally feel that you have used a complex language. Are you a linguist like Noam Chomsky by any chance? He, too, uses difficult language. No offense intended.                                                                                                                                                                                 Savaira Kawish   8/1/07

Thanks for your reply. Is my writing complex? You made me aware of this. Would you read some more of my articles to check? If it is the case, I will see how to handle this matter. By the way, could you have a glimpse at my bio? Maybe it will enlighten you on my style.

                                                                                       Hammoudi Abdelwahab  8/3/07

Ok I will check your bio once I get some urgent work over and done with.

Savaira Kawish   8/7/07



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