Move Up

The day you were born the sun never stood still, but that never erased the fact that a child was born into this world. You may never be the best in your class or the President of Nigeria, but one thing I know is that you have what it takes to put a smile on someone’s face and to make it big in life.  Life is like a blank page at your birth and it takes you to publish the chapter you were commissioned to write.

If a prophet had told Bill Gates’ parents at his birth that he would grow to be a man so rich that nations will seek to be his friend, I bet they would have laughed him to scorn. But today, take a look at his achievements – through creativity he sits atop the multi billion dollar investment, Microsoft, and to crown it all, he is rated as the richest man in the world. He was not born of a noble birth but today if you call him an Emperor, you won’t be making a mistake. So I say you don’t have to be the son of an Emir to make it in life or to be a son of an oil merchant for you to be counted among the great.

I know that we live in an environment where mediocrity is celebrated and a lot of time creativity is left to rot, but that is no reason for you to take the back seat while charlatans take the wheel. God created you for a purpose. You were fit for a show, that was why he sent you to this world and you will be doing yourself a lot of harm if you choose to tread the path of failures. Let me ask you a question – how would you feel if you turn up the radio to listen the 7 a.m. news, and you hear a breaking news that you just won a jackpot with 20 million naira as the prize value? What will you do? I bet you’ll feel as important as the president, but listen, the fact that you woke up should make you feel better than the joy of winning a jackpot.

The joy of being alive should be celebrated with great pomp and pageantry for it is another opportunity for you to correct mistakes you’ve made, and also take another shot at life. Yes, you may have been told that you were born to fail in life, but ask yourself this question – did God make a mistake by creating you? If I may answer for you I will say ‘no’, because He is a perfect God with no room for mistakes. He has invested so much in you and he expects the very best from you. We may never meet in life but am glad that I have this privilege to tell you how special you are to God and this world. My friend, the path of the great is never easy to tread, but if you choose to hold on to a positive self-esteem and put your God-given talents to use, I bet you, you shall be celebrated.

For you to get out the juice from an orange you have to squeeze, in this light I say you may have to go through a refining process. It may give you reasons to back out but if you hold on, the change will come. Life usually never gives you what you deserve, but you have to make a demand for the best you see it offer, and make a go at it. Conquer your fears and move on. There’s space for you at the top.

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