My Cave Adventure


A rugged pathway led to a window of the sea
The scenery was breathtaking
Seats firmly affixed to the rocks
Make-shift coverings of coconut branches
Provided shelter from the sun’s rays.
Sitting there, my eyes beheld the blue sky
With its cascading white clouds
Every deep breath of God’s clean fresh air
Filled me with peace and serenity

My eyes surveyed the vastness of the ocean
With its many shades of green,
The rippling waves dashed against the rocks
Filling the air with their foams and sprays.
The fresh cooling breezes swept across my face.
Some quiet hellos were heard from passing visitors.
This breath taking captivating view,
Spoke of God’s awesomeness.

Inside the cave, another sight to behold
Partitions of rocks, like rooms in a house.
Each with their own window to the sea
The vastness of the ocean was again captivating.
Pools of water in each compartment,
Were evident of waves rushing in at high tide.
Numerous rocks of all sizes and shapes,
Provided the walk way for all who entered.

Oh how fascinating was the animal like flowers.
One touch of them, they disappeared,
Seconds later they appeared again.
The ceiling of the cave was mind boggling,
Creature formations- a lizard, turtle and even a human hand.
Do you still wonder of the name – “Animal Flower Cave”?
It’s not only the animal like flowers, but
The awesomeness of God’s creation.

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