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My Journey to Calvary


I cried aloud as the heavy cross was hurled across his shoulders.
I felt the pain as the crown of thorns pierced his head.
As he walked, I saw the agony on his face.
I heard the mocking and jeering from the crowds
The insults which were many
The beatings which were cruel, but
In grief and pain he bore it all
He bore it all for you and me

I screamed each time he fell beneath the weight of that cross.
With each lash, I saw another bleeding wound.
All the way to Calvary, I followed in the crowd,
Though helpless I was.
How I wished I could tend those bleeding wounds
Wounds he bore for you and me
This journey though long and painful,
He reached the mount of Calvary.

I fainted as each nail was driven through his hands and feet,
 Later I gazed upon those three crosses on Calvary
My Loving Saviour hung between two criminals,
Weary, worn and sad.
He did no wrong yet treated like these criminals
What had he done to deserve this?
Someone who showed only love, mercy and forgiveness
Yet condemned to die like this.
All for you and me

I felt his parched throat, when he uttered the words “I thirst”
I felt His loneliness as he uttered the words
“My God, My God why hast thou forsaken me.
But I felt so relieved when he uttered the words
 “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”.
Forgiveness my friend for you and me.
His comforting words to the penitent thief.
“Today shall thou be with me in Paradise”
 Bring us nothing but hope and comfort for tomorrow.
Hope and comfort for you and me

I cringed with pain as the soldiers’ sword pierced His side
But relieved that His feet were not broken like the criminals
He deserved none of this.
For some one who came and lived among us,
 Healed the sick, and brought the dead back to life.
To see Him suffer and die this cruel death,
A death he died for your sins and mine
Truly means joy and hope for tomorrow.

Fear gripped the hearts of all of us.
As I stood in the crowd
Darkness hovered over us,
Loud thunderous sounds shook the place where we stood,
and Lightning flashed across the sky.
What an awesome sight it was, to see us all fall to the ground
But in my darkest moment
I heard the most comforting and powerful words from the centurion
“Truly, He was the son of God”.

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