My Life


           My life is but a dream;
               when I’m awake I seem
                           to be unseen.
     When I’m asleep it seems to be great;
         even when I’m with my mate.

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Short and sweet. Lovely………                                   –  Samantha   10/15/05

So much said in so few words. Beautiful.                                 – Annie  4/14/06

Lovely… nice… simple. Expresses our life.                      – Sara Yousri   4/19/06

Short and moving.                                                            – Marjan   11/4/06

Hey… name is Brooke Gray, too!!! Yay!                   –  Brooke Gray   1/10/07

That’s my name,too. hahahahaha……. Cute poem.           – Brooke Gray  9/7/07

That’s my name, too!! Did I write this poem………..?                                                                                                                      – Brooke Gray  12/4/07

Very moving…                                                     –  Karen & Brooke 12/4/07

Sweet, simple, and moving……                                       –  Thomas G. 4/3/08

Wait a second!! My name is Brooke Gray, too! This is scary.

–  Brooke Gray   8/27/08

From the Admin: No more comments on the name, please. Critiques and reviews of the poem will be appreciated

                                                                                                                                       Dear Brooke, your poem is very short but full of beauty. It is great!

Mahsa  12/15/08


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