Why can’t people just get out my face,
I want to do things at my own pace,
I don’t need to be pushed along,
Maybe I should put this into a song.

People are always trying to get in my way,
Not letting me do my own thing, what did I say,
Just get out of my life, get out of my reach,
Anyway who gave you the right to preach.

Everyone has some problem in his life,
Stop playing with fire, stop playing with knife,
Don’t try and get into my head,
Have you even listened to a word that I’ve said.

I know that my life is just one big lie,
But don’t put me down because I do try,
People always judge me for the way I am,
I will always do all that I can.

If I don’t do things the right way,
Where is your place to come along and say,
I don’t need your help or your upset,
I will get there just maybe not yet.

People just do my head in, always moaning,
Getting worse is the way I am turning,
I can’t help it if I’m like this,
Just give it a rest, give it a miss.

Get out of my life, get out of my head,
I’m the same as you, I still bleed red,
I’m no different from any of you,
My heart is still there and all so true.

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Such a great poem! Really means a lot to me. Thank you, Nate.

–  Kaiser Chief  12/29/05

‘Tis great!                                                                   – Anonymous  12/30/05

Awesome poem.                                                                       –  Niki   2/15/06

A very expressive poem of the deep feelings you have within you.

–  Yvonne Branch  1/22/09


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