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The world of objects is a system of information or signals that form the brain’s daily diet. It all depends on the way in which the brain uses or treats this bundle of information, how it controls it or towards what finality it directs the energized equivalent of these objects or their pictures.

All this is a question of culture.

The brain treats the received information as the digestive system treats food to transform it into vital energy. The brain can be allergic to some objects (or symbols) just as the body can be allergic to some food. The brain rejects this information, and as with food, it is the body that expresses itself by malfunctioning.

And this mental process is eminently cultural.

The view of the human being is selective. He sees in the reality only what he wants to see, tries to see or has been educated to see. He discards in facto (in other words doesn't see at all) what disturbs him, makes him anxious, or any other resurgent traumatic and intolerable memory.

Individuals are just different perceptions of the same reality, which thus become multiple and contradictory.

The significance of the human action is contained in the intention that comes with it, and this is why human actions are ambiguous and the source of incomprehension. The meaning of the human action is contained in the intention that accompanies it and this is why human actions are ambiguous.

A sexual act accompanied by a sentiment of rage, hatred, disgust, sadism or indifference, is different from the same carnal act but accompanied with love, good intentions, plenitude and pleasure.

The human creature is an investment. The only difference is that it can, at its level (at the human, personal level) be a good or bad investment.

At the scale of the cosmos, the creation, it is always recovered as a good investment (whatever is the way that it follows) because it serves a greater scheme that exceeds him: the evolution of the universe.

For want of serving consciously a grand intention (Maybe this is the true mission of man), life that is a trip, towards a positive evolution, becomes a sadistic destruction.

The human being is, before all, a producer: he produces good as well as evil.

Man is defined by the context of the moment. The current place in the environment that he occupies defines what he is. And often, civism or civilization is nothing but one’s sustained effort to master, the barbarous instincts of one’s forefathers.

If we are programmed for failure, we can start by meeting success “by mistake” to go in the end, inexorably to failure, and vice-versa. Success uses failure to succeed. Failure uses success to fail. The great destruction uses the small destructions to reach its end:

The total annihilation.

We still hope, that the small destructions that man operates today, are not the prelude to his great destruction.

The events of life reveal the true character of people. The behavior of the individual is function to his degree of conscience of this permanent beam of information that is the reality. In front of any given event, each individual’s reaction reflects the exact comprehension that he has of this same event at the moment he lives it.

Our behavior towards the facts that the reality displays to us, is, according to individuals, different levels (degrees) of unconsciousness or what amounts to the same thing, different degrees of consciousness.

The constraints of life are injunctions of the Supreme Master. They make the great men and the great men work for their countries as well as for the humanity in its entirety.

It is the destiny of scientists, writers, great politicians, great musicians, the GREAT of this world.

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