Pull Them Down


Or walk through life takes us to many stops some just for seconds others for days, but as we journey on we have to stay focused not to terminate our journey at another man’s Bus Stop. 

– Havard Lawrence.


The World Trade Centre took both time and enormous resources to build and it was a piece of beauty wherever architectural wonders were mentioned. The twin towers stood side by side, and were a major tourist attraction of New York City until forces of evil brought it down to shambles taking with it so many lives and countless dreams and living behind pains and nightmares.

They had some crazy reason for this condemnable act and still stand by them irrespective of the destruction and pain they caused so many families and the world. Years after the carnage, the world still mourns the fall of this giant that once adorned the sky, for it took with it family, friends and loved ones.

We condemn the fall of the Twin Towers, but every day we plot the fall of men and women, whose importance outshines that of the World Trade Centre not with the aid of weapons of mass destruction or suicide bombers but by our thoughts, actions and words. We bring them down most times out of sheer hatred, a product of misguided jealously. We destroy our folks with lies and publish their weaknesses, told us in utmost trust. When they fall, rather than cover their nakedness, we take pictures of them on the floor and flood the internet and tabloids with pictures of their shame.

Man in his strength is but mere mortal, and has the ability to err. When we are caught in a fault, we expect to be excused but most times we are the first to cast stones at others who sometimes make mistakes which when compared to ours are but a joke.

Tiger Woods is in the news, not for his winning spree but for a show of weakness and many with similar if not worse cases is calling for his head. Among the lot, you’ll find some who heard the news while in bed with their mistress, some young enough to be their kinds if not grand kids and some made the call for him to be sacrificed while engaging in acts they are not proud of and are ready to commit suicide if caught in those inglorious acts. The ‘Tiger’ is just being taken to the slaughter for failing the eleventh commandment ‘thou shall not be caught doing dirty’.  He is just one of the many who has been disgraced for an error of judgment.

Think about all the names you know or have heard about, who made news as a result of falling according to the human nature, and ask yourself if you treated them in the way you would want others to treat you; and before you tell me how self righteous you are, never forget that if you were infallible, the good lord would have stayed back on his throne. So, before you tell that tale or throw that stone, think twice.


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