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Today I cried when I found out
That the one I love, loves another
Oh! What a pain I felt and
Confused I was when I saw her
In his arms.

Should I fight or walk away
Have I been a fool this long
Has she ever loved me?
My heart is full of questions
Questions in need of answers
Answers I wonder where to find

Is this a dream? I pray it is
But look Iím awake and on the street
I can see and hear the sound of cars
Why do I have to face such
from the one I love

Is it a crime to love?
Oh! My dear, you have been unfair
To the love empire
Love was meant to be treasured
I gave you mine
You took it but dropped it on your way out

Now I stand, crying with this question
In my heart
Why did she refuse my love
Where did I go wrong
Please someone tell her
I love her and I stand waiting.

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I pray I never have to beg to be loved. Havard, did this happen to you?

Franklin   12/20/06

So good to love, but when the object of your affection walks away with a stranger, it gives a feel that makes one think of evil. I have been there. Great work.

Fran Davids  4/13/07


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