The world, in which we live today, has become so permissive, that we see put into practice the most unthinkable experiences, and people behave in the most foolish way. Are we ready to accept, one day, the consequences of the craziest of our actions?

We think that Nature, which has never been mishandled as it is the case today, would never strike back. But this assumed certainty seems to be gradually invalidated.

As it sometimes does, Nature can turn, in a few minutes, into a scary nightmare. Typhoons, tsunamis, droughts, new epidemics are just first indices.

Bio-genetics has become a full fledged science. We now create clones in the animal world. We dare not take the first step towards man-cloning, though the intention does exist and we just wait for the right moment.

We just do not take into account that in order to have the right to operate a genetic change in an animal or a vegetable, we should possess the wisdom and the global sciences that were behind the creation of this universe, of which these species are just an inseparable element.

And this wisdom and these global sciences still seem out of reach for the humankind.

Did we ever wonder if, the calorific, physical, mechanic and chemical effect of the explosion of a small hand grenade, in a lost corner of the planet, would not have unimaginable repercussions over the whole universe, so far it is true, that nothing gets lost, but everything transforms?

The tons of (conventional) bombs that were thrown over many parts of the planet during the first world war, the tons of bombs (conventional and nuclear) thrown during the second world war, the tons of bombs used in recent conflicts as well as the nuclear tests and their overall repercussion on the Earth-climate and the change that occurred on the regions ‘micro-climate, fauna and the ambient flora, have not been estimated yet at their true scope.

Nations agree that they played a part in the ozone hole, why not in floods, droughts, some cataclysms that we call natural disasters and maybe tomorrow, in the appearance of foul monsters, new diseases and unknown viruses, never witnessed by the human kind before.

Science without conscience?

We face a world subjugated by its technological power and on the verge of paranoia.

Paranoia will certainly be the common disease of this century; and the atomic bomb, if it is to be triggered off one day, will certainly be triggered off by a paranoiac!

Man never rates his actions at their true value. He learns this way. He learns through the reaction of the universe to his behavior. Everything reacts to the action of man. An action calls a reaction. A given behavior induces a given reaction (consequence of the act).

– An action towards humans induces a human reaction.                     – An action towards the nature induces a natural reaction (natural catastrophe).

The reality is that man has been terrorizing his natural environment for decades. To the notion of man, he has substituted that of predator.

Life creates things and gives the justification. Man destroys these things and "invents" his justification. But he seems unaware that he is accountable for his acts towards this nature, even of the smallest one that consists in putting a small bird in a cage.

Nature makes a deep perusal of some of our behaviors to which it replies inevitably in the long term. As we have learnt from past civilizations, Nature is staunch, affectionate, reliable and patient but, it likes neither sadists nor betrayal.

Only, sadism and betrayal are becoming a growing component of today’s reality.

So,Beware homo sapiens!

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