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Lonely and lost, I stood there
Waiting for the dawn that was nowhere.
Pristine and fresh, the early morning dew
Spreading its touch, a passion so new.
Memories of life and its unknown paths
Ones that seem to never depart.
Until your gaze, it passed my soul
Brought back to me, joys untold.
If I would die tomorrow, I wouldn’t care
Those little memories, in my heart, it would bear
In my heart and soul, I trust you so
I love you more than you'll ever know.
For today, tomorrow and evermore!

Your touch was gentle, your words were strong,
but does it mean I have found the one?
Those unheard whispers
The way it silently spurs.
Those stars that I wished for
The infinite kisses I blew afar.
A fortunate meeting,
An unexpected feeling.
Catch me in your dreams
Hold me until my heart redeems.
It's just a day in my life
A day of love, abundantly rife.
Serendipity, it is, all along
To bring me back to where I truly belong!!!

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