The problems of all schools are commonly the problems of their teachers.

The problems of the teachers are commonly the problems of the society they live in.

And the problems of the society they live in are the problems of its women.

The mother is considered as the first school, and so the fate of any society depends on the woman’s attitude. The stronger the woman’s repression in a society, the more discreet, clever and pitiless is her revenge.

This is pernicious and can be directed against the society itself.

Man survives (at least his passions, his complexes etc.) through his offspring, and often people perpetuate the flaws of their forefathers and their dreams as well. And who better than the mother prints deeply his seal on his progeny?

If you want to have a healthy nation, you should care about the mother. Schools have a part to play in this respect.

For an uneducated mother is just a catastrophe for the nation!

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