That Night


It was night, the moonlight
was greeting the stars above
Delivering the message, brought from the heaven
The stars were answering
with a little blinking
They were shaking lights and asking why
You’ve come after this long time
you know that the moon comes
rarely, very few times
only when
a message should be brought from the heaven
the kind moon answered them
with a total sadness
Oh, Oh, God bless him
Oh, Oh, Pray for him
Without saying anything else
he rushed, he rushed, down to earth
Came down to me and said that
we are missing a great man
Everyone in the sky is very sad
“who was that man?” I asked him
I don’t like to tell but I’ve to
Don’t be sad, please try to
Papa, Papa, your grand pa
the one who’s dead is your grand pa
I fainted, I fainted at that time
when I, when I ,I woke up
Sadness, sadness, obsessed me
I wish he were alive now
If he were I were happy now.

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