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The Beauty of God's Creation


It's six o'clock in the evening,
I am standing at my back gate.
The sun is sinking, the evening shades are setting,
The reflection of the sun's rays is illuminating the sky.
Standing there, I wonder at the beauty of God's creation,
The serenity of the evening
Brings peaceful feelings to my soul,
I feel a sweet soft breeze across my face,
And say aloud "GOD IS IN THE WIND!"
The birds take flight in the sky –
As if to say ‘we're going home’,
Then gracefully they move across the Eastern sky.
I look at the luscious green grass
And plants that adorn the earth,
At the coconut, tamarind, plum and breadfruit trees,
And among all this greenery nestles a flamboyant tree,
Covered with beautiful red flowers – all in full bloom.
Their shadows now silhouetted
Against the beautiful pink color of the sunset.
"Truly", I say, "There is beauty in God's creation!"
A few passers-by say a quiet 'good evening'
As they make their way along the winding path
To their homes within the peaceful neighbourhood.
Strange enough, there are no noises to be heard 
No noises of children's laughter,
No noises of children’s games,
The evening is one of pure serenity.

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Very picturesque.                                                    -  Orville Harding  11/7/08

Absolutely brilliant!!! I was truly moved. Brilliant!!!!                                                                                                                   - Kathy-Ann St. Hill   11/11/08

You have a God given talent, keep using it. Your poetry is fantastic.

- Deidre Mayers  11/18/08

Mystical meditation wrapped up in simple descriptive verse.

Don-O’Brian Layne  12/11/08

This poem is excellent. It is expressive and descriptive. It appeals to all the senses. I felt as though you were talking about heaven because of the ambiance and the tranquility in the poem. Good work Mrs. Branch!                                                                                                                                - Stacia Hinds   12/16/08

Mrs. Branch, the piece is well written. You are able to recreate your own experience, of the evening, in the reader's mind. At the end of the piece, you described the evening as "pure serenity" but I know that you know that momentarily this beauty will quickly fade away into darkness - no more shades of colour and beauty. Does this morbid end fosters sadness within your heart? Maybe it just doesn’t really matter once we get to enjoy the moment.                                                                                                                 - Jason A. Phillips  12/23/08

One never knew the extent of the author's creative imagination until she's in "redirected movement". Good job, keep it up.                                                                                                                                 - S. McD. Evelyn 12/29/08

Beautiful!                                                                           -  Laura   1/22/09

That’s beautiful!                                                   -  Gemel Callender   2/26/09

This is extremely awesome, am also a poet of 12 years. This is marvelous.

-  Stephanie 10/1/09


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