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The Greatest Artist


What priceless masterpieces
Only loving hands could paint,
The heavens above, the earth beneath,
The vastness of the universe.
The blue skies seen through lacy trees,
White, grey and dark clouds cascading by
Stars twinkling, moon shining bright.
The sweet softness of the morning breeze.
Our Awesome creator.
The earth beneath in all its splendour
Flowers, trees and crops in abundance.
Mountains, hills and valleys below,
Beautiful sunrises, exquisite sunsets.
Exotic plants.
Animals both great and small.
Vast oceans that encompass
Beauty all around us.
The greatest Artist.
The greatest masterpiece
Wonderful and fearfully made.
Eyes to behold,
His awesome creation,
Ears to listen to his voice.
Lips to tell His praises
Minds to think and reason
Gifts of love, joy, peace and hope
Are ours to embrace
Our Matchless Artist
The God and Father of all.

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