The Periodical Neurocycle


Neurosis, as far as it could strike an isolated individual, can as well affect a whole group or a whole nation.

At this moment, the clinical symptoms of individual neurosis become those of a whole group of persons. So during History, there are cyclic periods during which entire nations might sink into a collective madness. In these nations, psychologically disturbed people become the rule, while sane persons become a minority and the exception.

And we have this reversed role:

It is the sane people who consider themselves sick while the sick consider themselves sane.

And this is the cause of the abominable political and social aberrations that occurs from time to time inside the human societies. The result is that we face an irrational behavior that intrigues most of us.

But why does the “Periodical Neurocycle” (cyclic periods of collective neurosis) happen?

It seems that the human psyche has the capacity to project, like a laser ray, our repressed "sins" into reality. They take the form of hallucinations, monsters, ghosts, and jinns.

Sometimes we project them on our fellow men to deform them and give ourselves a reason to hate them!

More often, they project our negative image that terrorizes us up to the point where we put our hands over our eyes but we still see this image.

When our "sins" start dancing in front of us, it is no use closing our eyes, nor running away.

The cycle needs to complete. Like the moon. Alas, at our painful expenses. The Beast has resurrected!


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