The Women I’ve Loved


Such a giggly, gullible bunch we were
The five of us in our lab attire
Pretty, Saucy
Maternal, Practical
And I…

At twenty one and less
Whimsical dreams and romantic notions
Filled our minds like heady potions
Of love, life and adventure…
And, where would we be over yonder?
When these days of knowledge are over?

Married? Children? 
Fame?  Fortune?
Too impatient about the future
Promises to remain friends forever…

Alas, never fully revelling in the present
In the laughter
In the fun
In the joy
In the pleasure
In the wonderful moments
We shared with each other

A decade later
We’re no longer
(Where via… via…)
Doctor, Researcher
American, Marketer
And I…

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