Only children still keep this innocence that can insure communication between all creatures and finally save the world.

Any child in the world envelops, with his goodness, the universe in its entirety. He can only love. But just to some extent. At least, up until adults will teach him how to hate.

Most adults build their adulthood on the foundations of hatred and as a logical consequence, spend most of their life, living in fear. And fear fathers the need for protection. We over-arm ourselves for protection. And by doing so, we provoke fear among our neighbors. The other starts over-arming himself! We have created the curse and begun waiting from which parts of the sky will the blow strike us, and man uses in this respect, terrifying modern technological means.

Man’s behavior is related to his degree of apprehension of this permanent beam of information that is the global reality surrounding him. In front of a given event, each individual’s reaction, reflects the exact comprehension he has of this event, at the moment he lives it. This is what we call subjectivism.

Because the human being’s vision is often characterized by lack of realism, it often leads to violent clashes.

Violence: circumscribed is terrorism, generalized, it becomes revolution.

The manner of accomplishing violence is function of the degree of evolution of its author. There is intelligent violence and underdeveloped or nude violence as well. The most violent act could be the non-violent one. It defeated empires.

Anyway, anyone who manufactures or develops mass destruction weapons, should keep in mind, that in a mercantile world where the supreme value are merchandise and profit, where the property of things changes constantly of pretender (you have just to pay the right price), where morality is no longer a reference for social behavior, in the hands of whom, might one day, this arm fall? Many nations are terrorized today, by arms they themselves fabricated!

Possessing an MDW implies necessarily the possession of its equivalent in wisdom. No one would ever think of giving a lunatic a gun. But, alas, presently lunatics with guns can be met at every corner.

Ineluctably, our planet, this beautiful spaceship swimming in the infinite space, is going to become the hostage of these thousands of cybernetic machines disseminated throughout the world and connected to nuclear devices, in the nations’ process of their territories automated defense systems. What if the idea of becoming self-autonomous ever comes to them and they spontaneously start to play their fireworks!

Since the first atomic explosion, Time has been flowing and will continue to flow, whenever a radio-active mushroom springs up in some part of the world’s sky, in the sea or underground, slowly, at the rhythm of our ever-growing anxiety!

The coming time is a time-anxiety. A time in which we do not possess the MDW but, they do possess us!

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