Towards Transcendency


Rummaging through these troubled thoughts,
brings out a soul with friction, frenzy and fervor all fraught.
Frolicking about in regeneration, however
causes a rejuvenating and satisfying sensation.

With large amounts of infirmities, inconsistencies insecurities redolent,
the product expected is that of an insolent.

Disallow, repress and suppress if you must,
incidences and occurrences that make you lose your trust.
Block out bantering and babbling and anything else
baleful to your faith and pride.
Don’t rant and rave and run away
when you know there is no place to hide.
Whatever it may be, it’s fritter that requires no rumination.
Seek out factors to use as fulcrums for your culmination.
Speak out over all the hubbub, make yourself heard.
Don’t replenish the humdrum around you,
demolish it by at least a third.
Circumvent the existing and destroy clichйs.
Be rid of your foibles and cling to your forte.
Take the essential time to make decisions without fluster,
your choice should foment strength and confidence
within that you ought to muster.
Be reminded that the relinquishment of one thing leads to choices galore,
an opportunity a day awaits to knock on your door.
Ambience, individuals, responsibilities etc. are temporal to the core,
they just help in mopping up the floor.
It is your values, morals and ideologies
that prove to be a relic of who you are.
Digest these feelings with compatible complacency,
and always look ‘towards transcendency’.

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A poem that teaches us to live life the way we want to. Very powerful expressions are used. A must read for aspirants of meaning in life. Hope to see more of Ms. Madhavan’s poems on this site.

Vidya    3/3/06

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