Truth – Rose


It falls on the red and makes me dream,
It blushes on the cheek and makes me gleam,
In the ravines of space
Does the truth embark
As if a gush of stream
On the rush of stream.

Nature turns manifold
As the mind goes gold
Roses red and stems churn
Basking under the autumn burn
Do they really bloom
To bring later gloom.

Life isn’t like roses
For life have roses
As truth doesn’t fold
Nor does nature hold
Wilting under the inglorious
One day thy soul tends to go the same.

Incomplete in manhood
Vociferous in pride
We do an Amazon
Only to find the sea endless and deep.

Chances are few if not many
Way is one and only out of many
As the luminous falls and I visualize
The truth on the face
As if a gush of stream
On the rush of stream

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Hay, your poem is good. But I wanted to say you and I have the same name, first and last! I found it by searching on Google.

Ishan Mukherjee  7/7/06

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