Unicorn Dreams


I woke up one cold night alone
Alone have I been forever alone
Cruelty and Fate are sisters in crime I see
for how else can this happen to me?
To the Lord I had given my prayers everyday
Only to hear that you will not anymore stay
I search for you by my side but the emptiness
mocks at me between the sheets of darkness
And so I drift to sleep again…

I dreamt o’ being beheaded by a sword
Injured was I or dead I remember not
The dove of peace has fled or fell
In its place siteth the Angel of hell
Consumed, I am, in the flames of desire
Pursued is the one who denies this fire
Betrothed was I to a shadow in my past
Estranged we are now love torn apart
And so I walked out to the Sea…

I stood in front of an ocean deep
Crying too softly for them to hear me weep
The waves that crashed ashore
Seemed to beg me to love some more
lightening struck, illuminating your face
Reality slowing down my heart’s pace
I saw it in your eyes that love does not last
and hath pushed away everything that’s past
Now you vanish – for you were only inside my mind…

I rode on a winged unicorn on that moonlit night
wondering from where I had taken flight
I heard myself murmur along the way
*Did I lose my love to someone better?
And do they love you like I do?*
Fight me and finish me for my love is true
You are locked in every element of my mind
in every breath and forever my soul will bind

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Excellent!                                                                 – S. V. Saibaba   10/21/09

Simply touching…each word is so heavy. Kudos, Deepak

–  Ashok K   11/23/09

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