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“… You can count on yourself if only you are true to yourself.”

– Havard Lawrence.


I grew up listening to a song by a pop diva where she talked about experiencing the greatest love. She also talked about searching for a hero, mentor, role model and idol but failed in her search. She then decided never to walk in anyone’s shadow because she realized that if she believes in herself, and works at improving on her God given gifts and dreams, then she would end up the perfect picture she was meant to be.

Living in a world where disappointments and betrayals are daily occurrences, one is faced with the tendency to believe that the world is crazy and you need not trust even your identical twin. But I believe that we need each other to survive. You may have experienced more disappointments than me, and maybe the mentor you saw as a demigod, just with a blow destroyed all the knowledge you had built and you are wondering the next step to take, still, my dear, you are on the street of life. Wipe your tears, look around, you will find the next path to take. You have to fight for your dreams, you have to wake up every morning and tell yourself that you can make it big in life.

You must first of all identify what you want to make out of your life and also know what you need to do to achieve that picture. God created you for a purpose and every day of your life you meet people. If you see a man or woman as a mentor because of maybe his title or family background, and you now think that he is above mistakes, but along the line they err. What do you do? A friend once told me to always expect disappointment in relationships (family, business, social, etc) so that if I get one I can adjust and move on faster.

Some of the ingredients you need to succeed in life are with the cab driver on the road and some with those in authority. If you think you need only those at the White house as mentors, you will never be able to learn from the ants. You have to believe in yourself and carry out a sincere periodic evaluation of your dreams to know where you are making progress and where you need to make a reversal of some decisions. You cannot make much progress if you leave your dreams in the hands of a mortal, for it will be like carrying a basket of eggs on a bumpy road.

Keep your dignity as a human, but never allow arrogance run you off the street. Watch your steps and make that stranger leave you thinking he just had a meeting with a deity. He may actually have been one of the wise men who saw your star and is now in search of you. Always remember that just as the degrees of a professor cannot be passed on to his kids at his death, that is how you cannot be the real you if all you do is put the blames of your failures and unaccomplished goals on anyone else but yourself.

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