Wizard Lizard

       BY MARJAN

i was nothing but a small lizard
livin’ happily with mom en dad
they had called me baby wizard
i never used to do anything bad
we lived inside a gracious home
a pretty hole in a human house wall
i also had a sister, they loved us both
mom said i was still growin’ tall
so everything was as happy as we were
life was a sacred gift sent from heaven
i was taught to keep away from the seven deadly sins
and also to run away from all the human beings

it was upon a rainy day
i was playing that i lost my way
then i was packed in a box suddenly
the human family had to move unexpectedly
but my parents didn’t know i was lost
tomorrow the rain drops would turn to frost
so they moved into a new flat
i was in the box near a fat rat
she aimed to eat me at once
but i sobbed and begged her twice
then they opened the packs
the lady was afraid of rats
she screamed and we escaped
far from where we were kept
i kissed the rat on the cheek
she called me such a freak!
then i found a hole in the kitchen wall
away from mom, dad, sister, and my ball
so i got used to livin’ alone
inside a damn damp hole
all i needed was a loyal friend
i realized it lying on my bed
so i tried coming out and finding one
they were all afraid of me even their son
just as i got out of the hole
they tried to run away or kill me, so
i went on another month this way
still i remembered mom say:
friendship is the greatest gift we find
but why did they all try to hide?!
one spring day i was lying on the wall
when i heard a sweet whisperish call
i turned my head a little
to find a tiny beetle
she was so sweet en shy
i’d found her in the middle of the sky
so we made friends and again
i found hopes to pray to heaven
we decided to find our way back home
a new house in the woods , a new hole!
we married and had 3 daughters

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A strange piece when read for the first time and you wonder what on earth is this. Yet, on closer reading, you realize its depth and intensity. It actually says a lot. Not easy for everyone to understand.                                                                                                                                             –  Samantha   9/28/06

Good use of imagery. Great depth, says a lot.                            –   Kim  10/7/08

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