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Blossoms of Ecstasy


One million years I lay
Hidden in soil,
Seed of ecstasy, asleep
Soul within soul,
For your vision!

You were within me,
A silent split second
A soft touch of rays
Awakening slumbers of eternity!!
The new dawn came,
On my altar of burning fire,
Your scorching beauty,
An outstretched hand of compassion,
With no passion.

Fragrance of thousand flowers in air,
Divine music everywhere,
Greenness of fresh love on earth
Cosmic fields within me
Exploding atoms, galaxies and nebulae!!

With just one ray
My world changed,
Eternal laughter bloomed in me,
Love, the shadow of my soul
Lengthening in old age
To measure the cosmos. Life, effortless moves,
Absolute blissí rhythms keep pace,
Countless white roses
Open in every cell of mine!

Dark slumber over,
Hot winds of duty over,
Soft breeze of peace in dim twilight
World of sorrow a fading dream!!
My little sun,
In your golden dawn, I awoke,
An expanding thornless blossom,
Every moment of ecstasy
I offer at your feet.

Light unto light
Love unto love,
My creator.     

(This poem is dedicated to Assisi blossoms of Little Flower College, where the author had been a student from 1961-64)


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Beautiful.... great depth.                                                           Annie  2/8/07

A great dedication to a great institute. Iíve been to Assisi, so I could picture the beautiful words.                                                                                                                                                                                 Waheed  9/25/08

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