Kittens Fly


today i saw an old man waiting to die
seemed as if he’d been waiting long
just for a simple, honest reply
poor old man on a wheelchair
it’s such a long time, i bet
since he’d been called a sir!
he had thick glasses on
staring at somewhere far
who says kittens can’t fly?

today i saw myself staring at me
no, better say i was looking deep
at me or at my latest sin!
i kept smiling at the beauty i saw
it was me or just a reply
maybe to the old man waiting to die
it’s a long time i yearn to cry
just wanna give it another try
who says kittens can’t fly?

today i saw mom, weeping again
crying bitterly before a damn girl
it’s broken again, oh my nail!!!
who is responsible, who is not
you, me or just another one?!
here, dare to face the sun!
i still believe in the sky
this time i would not deny
who says kittens can’t fly?

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Fits more into a post-modern poem. A thought-provoking poem with a catchy refrain. Animal imagery used gives lots of scope for psychological criticism. Good on the whole.                                                                                                                                                                              Vishakha   2/26/06

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