Sing Me A Song


Sing me a song of getting on
a song that’ll make me feel like I
belong in a world of no regret
then I won’t worry no more

Sing me a song of letting go
a song that’ll make me feel like I
have nowhere I’m expected to go
a place where everybody is free

Why did you get so scared sometimes?
I painfully remember that night on the cold floor
have you got the same black hole
in your stomach like I do?
you cried in the dark and I

couldn’t see why the bird was black
with clipped wings
was that our fall from grace and
did I steal the treasure hidden in you?

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Hauntingly beautiful…                                                                                                                              Rachel Muthoga   2/15/06

Such a sweet poem. Touches your heart.                                                                                                           Samantha   9/28/06

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