The Youth’s National Contribution


We are now approaching a new stage in our lives as we enter a higher level of education.  With it follows our decision to walk onto the path of our chosen careers. More than this, with every step we take, our hearts beat a bit faster with passionate idealism. We believe that when we become full-fledged doctors, lawyers, teachers, architects, nurses, politicians, accountants, or any other professional some time in the future, we will be able to contribute our share in lifting the gigantic burden of a weary downcast Juan de la Cruz.  It is indeed a wonderful aspiration, but it robs us of what we can do in the present. We are young and inexperienced. Yes! But we can also make a difference in our present. We need not wait for the ‘future us’ because the urgency is more in the present.

We are now in a generation where there is a scarcity of great leaders even though the populace expands.  In this dilemma, we cannot afford to wait for one whose coming is uncertain.  The odds are overwhelming.  And if he does come, we tend to over-depend on him as if he were the anointed one capable of solving all our problems.

Therefore we have to become part of the solution and not the problem.  How? We need not limit ourselves to the singular pursuit of our college education thinking that we will find our usefulness when we have earned a degree or completed a course.  While it is called ‘today’, we have to make ourselves available to wholesome endeavor that brings immediate benefit and balance to our personality in the long run.  Many projects and programs offer us the opportunities to educate us in what no classroom can ever do. Community outreaches to indigenous poverty-stricken groups open us to thrilling and yet practical life experiences. The Church functions to nourish the spiritual babes, to lead the hopeless and the spiritually lost and even to save the social scams and social outcasts, provide us morally and spiritually healthy perspectives and maturation. If we have no taste for these things, then our own homes give us the immediate environment for the discharge of our learning right away.

Only if we can give our contribution today, such that the precious learning entrusted to us is exercised, will there be a preparation and a guarantee that when we have actualized our dream vocations, we will be of contribution by tomorrow. The time of our contribution must be the present and not the future!

Folks, it is high time we shift our perspective from expecting what others can share to what we can personally contribute.

Fellows, it is high time we stop telling ourselves that we are too young and inexperienced to say and do our piece. Our living in such a time as this is a destiny appointed so we can contribute our unique share to make a lasting difference in our society.

Friends, what we badly need now are people committed to life-changing, community-transforming contributions.  Yes, there may be no monuments that will be erected for us. There may be no songs composed for our contribution. Even history may record not a noble deed or act we selflessly did to lift up a dying soul.  However, those lives we have touched will speak of our nobility and our monuments will be the witnesses in their hearts.

Rise up fellow youths and join me in this cause! God bless us all.

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