Adam and Eve


Adam and Eve went for shopping,
To Zand Street they were going,
An LCD they tried to buy,
The brand of it was Sony Bravia.

After 6 days they bought these things,
An LCD and a washing machine,
Refrigerator they hadn’t bought,
"Another day" Adam promised to buy.

"A computer why I do not have?
I want internet, I need to chat"
Said Eve to Adam "If you don’t buy,
I will leave you and go to my house"

A refrigerator they bought the 7th day,
And a microwave on the 8th day,
A computer poor Adam bought
For Lady Eve who he did love.

"Is anything left?" said Adam to Eve,
A big big clock I certainly need
The clock was bought, ready to use
The house was ready and there they lived.

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The title of the poem had me fooled, I thought it was Biblical.I love it anyhow.

–  Yvonne Branch 7/24/10


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