Just another drop in the vast ocean of life,
With will to survive everyday ordeals of life,
Have gone too far, still feels so near to the start,
Tryst with destiny seems like a distance too far.
Eluded illusions often stir the silent seas,
Spills the tranquil soul into the high tides of the seas,
It’s that circle of life which starts where it ends,
Walk in between is what matters most in the end.
Every upbeat step makes the distances fall,
Every fall teaches you a lesson after all,
Overlook the fall but not where you slipped,
Where secret of life rests which cannot be missed.
Hold on your breath until the end my friend,
Destiny awaits you on the other end.

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Man, this version is sooooo good and very very deep. I am impressed.

Grishma  10/13/06


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